FibroniX on the Go

Liquid Home on the Go is a service that is available to FibroniX & WibroniX subscribers which enables them to access their home internet from over 300 SasaiWiFi Hotspots countrywide at no extra cost.

To register for FibroniX on the Go, follow these simple steps:

  • A FibroniX account owner can go to a SasaiWiFi Hotspot and log onto myLiquid
  • Once the account owner has logged in, they can create a Liquid Home on the Go User ID for themselves and create User IDs for family and friends.
  • Anyone that the account owner adds to FibroniX on the Go, will be sent connection instructions by email and will be able to easily connect from any Wi-Fi supported device (e.g. smart phone, tablet or laptop).

Since this registration process is a once-off requirement, there will not be any need to go to myLiquid Home to get connected the next time the user gets to a SasaiWiFi.

FibroniX on the Go taps into the home internet of the user so their home data will be declining in line with their SasaiWiFi usage.