Corporate Social Responsibility

SHAI childhood cancer foundation

SHAI’s vision is to support children and families affected by childhood cancer. The mission centers on helping families by creating awareness, providing linkage to innovative clinical care & treatment as well as psycho-social support for children and families affected by childhood cancer. 

The values of SHAI encompass the following:

COURAGE:  We aim to help children and their families find the courage to fight childhood cancer and face the difficult situations that they find themselves in.

DIGNITY:  We support families to find their dignity during difficult times, expressed through respect and empathy. 

FAITH:  We work with families to help them find hope, and even in the terminal situations we empathically support families to help them find closure.

STRENGTH:  During the difficult times faced by families, we help them to find strength to continue fighting through compassion

INTEGRITY:  As an organization, we aspire for transparency, accountability and honesty, not only for ourselves, but also from clinicians as they serve their patients.

KNOWLEDGE:  We believe in the importance of families having adequate knowledge to make critical decisions, but also healthcare workers and clinicians being well equipped with the information required to better serve their patients.

To ensure that our vision is met, SHAI is structured around four integrated pillars and these are:

Clinical Care & Support

We link children and their families to quality clinical care and treatment and support while also supporting the health system and health providers to provide better quality of care.

Prevention, Awareness & Advocacy
We work with communities to create awareness of childhood cancer, educate communities to have lifestyle changes to prevent cancers and advocate with government and other stakeholders to ensure that services and resources are made available to address childhood cancer issues.

Psycho - Social Support
We help families to deal with the emotional and psychological challenges that emerge as they address childhood cancer and also link them mental health services to help them face the difficult situations they find themselves in.

Research & Knowledge Management
We believe in the importance of gathering and sharing knowledge about childhood cancer, both for families and for health care providers. We facilitate community and clinical research while also creating repositories of information for providers and patients who need it.